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Wooden City is a family of restaurants in Tacoma and Spokane, Washington specializing in high quality, approachable New American fare. The name is a reference to Tacoma's history as a logging town where it was often referred to by locals as "the wooden city."

I worked with ownership to create a strong brand name and crafted a logo identity system that resonated with the community, establishing the brand as leading force in the revitalization of the food and beverage scene in downtown Tacoma.


Our goal was to create a logo and visual identity system that bridged old and new Tacoma, quite literally.

The main inspiration came from the iconic East 21st Street Bridge in downtown. The suspension tower and cables form an abstract conifer tree shape, which I emphasized with some fills. The final logo places a circular mask on the bridge stamp to solidify the tree iconography and create a badge icon. 


With all my logo identity projects I provide 3 initial draft concepts for clients to consider. After a favorite is chosen we work together to hone and sharpen their selection into a final product.


I include these alternate logos below as an example of this process.



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Logo Design
Visual Identity System
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